How to Increase Domain Authority of Website/Blog

What is Domain Authority and How to Increase It? This question is in the minds of every blogger. Where does the Domain Authority go to DA in Short And you have also heard this name in many SEO Checker Tools sites. By the way, many websites are created every day. But the website that made good progress at the right time

How to Increase Domain Authority of Website/Blog

The position becomes stronger than new sites. Because DA scores only help to get your website into a strong position. That goes to trust your site/blog and it is very important. The important part of DA is Domain Age & SEO. Many bloggers resort to SEO and are successful even to strengthen their Blog’s DA score. Come to friends, let us know what is DA.


What Is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA is a Domain Rating System. Which started by Moz Company. Moz tests 40 different Factors to give your domain ratings. Those Factors are Tested in Your Domain’s Age, Popularity, SEO etc … DA score increases – keeps dwindling. When DA scores increase. So good for your website. Improvement of DA means more profit than Search Engine Sites.

Click here to check the website’s DA score: – Open Site Explorer


How to Increase Domain Authority?

Improvement of DA means to grow in the performance of the site. Which makes your website popular on the World’s Search Engines website. Increasing DA is good on Pages Blog on your blog. Which gives your website maximum traffic. With these given methods, you can make your website’s DA very easily and naturally.


#1. Your Site’s Domain Age:

This is the best way to Improve DA Score. As a person gets older, the person gets more respect.
If your domain’s age is high, then the same will be on your website of the Trust Search Engine. If your domain has been 3-4 years or more then your DA Automatic Improve.


#2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is an important aspect to Improve DA. SEO means creating your website SEO Friendly Example: Title Tag, Site’s Description, Meta Keywords, Speed and more … You can enhance your site’s DA by improving SEO.

#3. Links Building:

It means backlinks. You can learn more about Backlinks by reading this post. Backlinks Kya Hain or Blog Ke Liye Kyu Jaruri Hai The more you create your backlinks for blogs. Equally, your blog’s DA Improve will be easy to get. Remember that Backlinks is of High Quality means you should try more than that backlinks are already being increased DA sites. Which will make your site even bigger DA bigger?


#4. Interlinking Posts/Pages:

Posts Add Create a link to any of your other posts, pages between Time Post. You will also get traffic and improve your DA score too.


#5. Share Blog Posts on Social Sharing Websites:

The biggest and easiest way to make Fast Improve the Traffic / DA for the blog is Social Sharing Websites. Example: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc … After posting blog posts, please share/post your posts on social sharing websites. Because DA of these Sites is already High / Strong. Which does not take much time for DA to increase your blog.

With these steps above, you can easily and naturalize your blog’s Domain Authority. DA scores seem to be taking a little time to grow. And remember one thing that saved your blog from spam traffic.

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