5 Best Speed Test Tools to Check Your Internet Speed [2024]

In this post we’ll research the best five tools on the internet. The sites we have included are Speedtest.net, Speedspot, Xfinity, Fast.com and Internethealthtes. We’ve tried to incorporate a concise description and provide our ideas about their beauty, ease of use, and performance. All evaluations can be finished in a moment.

5 Best Speed Test Tools to Check Your Internet Speed

ISPs like to make grand claims about the speed of the Internet services to lure you to sign up. However, what you frequently receive falls far short of what was formerly promoted, what you require is an Internet speed test to learn how much.

Oftentimes it is rather tricky to get your hands on actual’ hard information to warrant your sense of a less than a speedy Internet connection. But thankfully, some useful sites and programs offer a way for one to display exactly how slow your connection speed is.


1. Ookla Speedtest

Ookla Speedtest is among the very popular Internet speed tests on the internet. This app can be obtained as either an app on your smart device and your desktop computer.

Click on the”Proceed!” Button and you are away.


2. Speed Check & WiFi Finder

Speed Check is a fantastic alternative for your mobile phone whilst out and about. Brought to you from SpeedSpot, this lovingly designed application will provide you all of the essential information you need.

It will show you your download and upload speeds, clearly, but also allow you to store it for later reference.


3. Xfinity Speed Test

Xfinity Speed Test is a fantastic little tool that will assist you to assess your Internet speed. This is just another browser-based one but it is going to allow you to quickly learn your upload and download speeds.

However, a word of caution: it’s a product made by the Internet service provider Comcast.


4. Fast.com

Owned by none other than Netflix, Fast.com does just what it says on the tin. It will not mess around , loads fast and starts examining your Internet speed until you know it.


5. Internet Health Test

Internet Health Test is a good tool for discovering your Internet speed, and it is very straightforward to use. When on the site, a pop-up will probably ask you if you want to start.

Once approved, Internet Health Test will begin its five-step procedure and inspect your Internet link. It does require a bit longer than many others however, it makes five distinct tests and it is ad-free.


Note that some of these sites may not work with an ad blocker enabled. You can either add the site to your whitelist, or look for an option that doesn’t mind an ad blocker.