Setup CloudFlare Free SSL on WordPress Blog [Complete Guide]

If you are hearing CloudFlare for your very first time, they are one of greatest Content Delivery Network suppliers, their free CDN support is used by countless WordPress blogs on the internet, currently offering free SSL solutions too.

Setup CloudFlare Free SSL on WordPress Blog [Complete Guide]

Find out the best way to Setup CloudFlare SSL certificate for free in your own WordPress blog without paying any price. There’s hardly any Free SSL certificate provider one of them, Cloudflare gets the simplest way to setup on WordPress powered blogs.

Another motive is, getting SSL in your blog can help you rank better on search engine results, although it’s just a very small, among 200 factors.
Google urges webmasters to maneuver their website from [http://] to [https://] which will give people a secure encounter blocking unauthorized access to visitors information.

Therefore, in the event that you own SSL additional, Google reveals”Secure” on its address bar which provides the visitor with a fantastic initial impression.


How to Setup CloudFlare Free SSL on WordPress Blog

Step 1. Sign up for a New Account on CloudFlare

Sign up for a New Account on Cloudflare


Step 2. Add Your Domain & Check DNS Records

Add your domain name to click “Add Site”, on next page Choose “Free Plan” & Click NEXT, and Check Your DNS records will be shown up and just click “Continue” Button


Step 3. Add CloudFlare Nameservers to Your Domain Provider

Add CloudFlare Nameservers to Your Domain Provider


Step 4. Enable Flexible SSL from CloudFlare Menu

After all, done, Go to Crypto Section on Cloudflare Menu, enable “Flexible SSL” option

Enable Flexible SSL on CloudFlare Account


Step 5. Check SSL Availability

Sometime CloudFlare SSL could lead to infinite redirect loop difficulty in case you have not installed Flexible SSL plugin. Thus don’t forget to set up the plugin. I utilize SSL Labs website to Discover the status,

After allowing Flexible SSL on Cloudflare wait for a couple of minutes and assess SSL Checker tool ( shown below ) to learn if the certificate has been triggered and issued.


Step 6: Make Important Changes in WordPress Dashboard


1. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> General Setting

2. Make sure to change http:// to https:// on following fields,

WordPress Address (URL) :

Site Address (URL) :


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You have to understand, using https will not increase the ranking of your site on SERP, however, Google admits it as a slight ranking variable amongst others. Example: On-Page, Site Loading Speed, Mobile Friendly etc…

Hope this tutorial will help you set up an SSL certificate on your own WordPress site for free with Cloudflare. In case you have any queries or comments on setting up this? Please note your comments. Glad to assist you.