Best 5 Tools for Test Your Website Speed (SEO Metrics)

Here we are discussing not one or two, rather about top 10 free tools. Which you can find out if your website is fast load or slow load. This website Speed Test Tool is important for both website developer and blogger. Website loading speed affects your site’s performance in almost every field from user experience to search engine optimization. Loading speed can make or break your website.

Best 5 Tools for Test Your Website Speed (SEO Metrics)

In fact, a user page waits for 1-2 seconds to load. This is the reason why big bloggers, SEO experts, and developers recommend making website fast loading.


Best 10 Tools for Test Your Website Speed

These tools are always changing and keep updated. Here we are talking about the 10 best test-testing tools of 2019 blogs.

1. GTmetrix

Gtmetrix is one of the Top Free and Premium Website Speed Test Tools of 2019. It’s simple and straightforward with all the other speed checker tools, just go to its site, enter your site’s URL and hit Analyze, the report will be in front of you.

GTmetrix - Website Speed Testing Tool

I’ve used a number of websites Speed Test Tools. But I think this is the best and better, and the rest also consider it the best speed test tool in 2019.


2. Pingdom Tools

This is another best website speed checker tool after GTmetrix. It provides users with a mix of options and simplicity. Users can test the speed of their web pages from 7 different test locations. Its webpage speed score is easy to understand as guideline GTmatrix. And Pingdom Free also offers free uptime monitoring along with Website Speed Test.

Pingdom - Website Speed Testing Tool


3. Google PageSpeed Insights

The Google Page Speed InSites Web page shows the speed score. This is special because it is a tool created by Google and according to SEO, the speed of both the desktop and mobile devices of the website is checked by speed check.

PageSpeed Insights - Website Speed Testing Tool

More people now believe this because Google’s results are more important than others’ results and Google makes search rankings. Therefore, people believe that if Google Speed Test Tools tells a problem on your website, then it needs to be taken seriously.

If this tool is not Google’s official tool, then it does not include this list. Because it does not provide extended information like other tools.


4. SEO Site Checkup

The website helps to improve the speed search ranking and this tool is the best tool to check Website Speed SEO. SEO site checkup tool also tells SEO scores with website speed and Gives easy examples to fix problems.

SEO SiteCheckup - Website Speed Testing Tool


This is the best tool for SEO optimization of your website. With this help, you can find out the SEO flaws in your website and fix them.


5. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is one of the most popular websites speed test tools for users. It provides better speed reports than GtMetrix and Pingdom. It has the following characteristics.

WebPageTest - Website Speed Testing Tool

It tells the website by doing a website performance test. You can repeat the speed test more than once at a time. And Internet Browser Chrome, Firefox can run test accordingly. The WebPageTest speed checker tool is both open source and free. That is, this is 100% free website speed test tools and its data are accurate.



If you talk about one of these, then I will ask you to use the GTmetrix tool. This is my most favorite Website Speed Test Tool so far. Which is the rest of the tools provides a better and easier guideline.

If you are worried about the loading speed of your website, then you can read our article. We’ve been told to speed up blogs on both BlogSpot and WordPress.