How to Quick Index Blog Post on Google Search [2021]

Most of our blog traffic comes from Traffic Search. And Google Search is a very big source of traffic. If Google search traffic is removed and the traffic status of the blog is seen then it also works in half. The reason for this is Popularity Google is the world’s largest and famous search engine. Google Search works on Different Domain Names in every country. For example, works in this Domain Name India. And this domain works in our neighboring country of Pakistan. Just like every country has a separate Google domain.

How to Quick Index Blog Post on Google Search [2021]

Which means that Google has the ability to understand Keyword. Which makes your Posts Automatic index on Google within a few hours. But all the search engines do not have all this facility. Because of this, people like Google a lot more. So we go ahead and know how to quickly index your blog posts on Google Search.

Quick Index Your Blog Post Using Google Webmaster Tools!

Please Note: Post’s Search Position relies on the site’s Domain Name Authority or Trust.

Step 1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools

Step 2. Choose Your Site

Step 3.  See on Top Bar >>> Enter Your URL into Box and Press the Enter.

Enter Your URL into Box and Press the Enter to Make Index Request


Step 4. Click on REQUEST INDEXING button! (And Wait 1 Minute to 2 Minutes)

Click on Request Indexing to Make a Index Request


Step 5. And Click on “Got it” Button

Finally Click on Got It for Index Your Post on Google

First you Google verify that you are not a Robot. For that, you have to complete the Challenge given by Captcha.

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By following these Easy Steps above, you can quickly index your Blog Posts on Google Search Engine. Not just posts, but you can also index the categories of your website/blog. Remember you can only index
500URLs in 1 month. Index Limit: 10 URLs Per day.

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