How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger Blog [Complete Guide]

If you are using Blogger Platform for Blogging. You can setup your favorite domain name in your blog. Meaning if your blog address is currently example.BlogSpot.Com And you want to add your favorite domain to your blog like Direct- Example.Com so it is very easy. Custom Domain Setup In today’s post we will learn how to setup a Custom Domain on our blog.


How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger Blog [Complete Guide]

Setting up your own domain instead of the BlogSpot subdomain will greatly benefit the site. This means that there is no loss of anyway by custom domain setup. Adding a custom domain will power 80% of your Blog. You will get good results from Search Engine and your readers will be able to visit Direct Your Website. And this will also increase your website’s Alexa Rank.


How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

Before you start this process, you must register a Domain Name for your blog. If you wish, you can register with Domain Name GoDaddy. I have written a post on this topic, if you want to read it then you can setup this post. How to Register Domain Name with GoDaddy in Hindi If you have already registered the domain with GoDaddy, then we can proceed. You can set up your Domain with Simply and Batter by following the very Easy Steps below.

Step 1. Go to Blogger Blog >>> Setting >>> Click on Set up a Third Party URL.


Step 2. Type Your Custom Domain & Download DNS Setting File.

Step 2 to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger Blog


Step 3. Go to Your Godaddy Account and Click on DNS. And Add Your Blog DNS

Look like this:

Add Your Blogger DNS to Godaddy - 1

Add Your Blogger DNS to Godaddy - 2


Step 4. (Important) Redirect Your Blog to WWW. And click on Save Button.


Important Step to Redirect Domain with WWW

I am sure that you have completed the complete setup through these Easy Steps. Once the process is complete, your blog will be open with the custom domain as well. And remember that do not forget to redirect the blog from example.Com to as shown in the images above. Without redirecting, Google will get an error on your blog.

So that Direct Readers will not be able to open your blog directly. Therefore, please redirect the blog to WWW Web format. Immediately after the Custom Domain Setup is over, replace the BlogSpot with your custom URL on your blog. And add your blog with the Custom Domain in WebMaster Tools.